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These Next Two 3rd Party Produced Videos Are For Your WU/Netspend Information ONLY!  They are NOT

Provided Here As If They Are Directly Associated With Our Professional Income Builders System! They Are Only

 Provided For Your Due DIligence Information About WU/Netspend Prepaid Debit Card Services!





*You Deposit $40.00 You BOTH Get $20.00 Deposited!

As a visitor, if you want to get paid MUCH MORE than just the ONE-TIME $20.00 WU/Netspend Refer-A-Friend NEW Customer BONUS DEPOSIT we suggest you get yourself FULLY Registered here, and also login to get yourself FULLY Upgraded with a MEASLY $4.95 MONTHLY Advertising Cost Coop Share payment!

Doing that EXTRA Step will POSITION YOU to become both a Retail Customer and also a Sales Agent of our Professional Income Builders System!

At the very same time you will have placed yourself on our Sponsor Rotator System for you to be 100% GUARANTEED to receive at LEAST 5 Level-1 Sales Agent Referrals, who will have become both a Retail Customer, and also a Sales Agent on your Level-1 downline!

Each one of them will be PAYING YOU a 50 CENTS MONTHLY Sales Commission, or $2.50 MONTHLY which will already be ONE-HALF of your very own MEASLY $4.95 MONTHLY Retail Customer Advertising Cost Coop Shares payment!

Then, over time as each one of your ENTIRE list of 8-Level Downline Distribution Sales Agents will also be receiving their very own FIRST 5 Level-1 Retail Customers/Sales Agents 100% from them being on our Sponsor Rotator List as one of your FULLY Upgraded Retail Customers!

That's EXACTLY HOW this will eventually become your very own MONTHLY MLM Income POTENTIAL in exchange for a MEASLY $4.95 MONTHLY Paypal Subscription payment!


To get your WU/Netspend Prepaid Debit Card ordered TODAY, so you will already have ONE of your PAYOUT METHODS all setup, simply go to any of the WU/Netspend BANNER LINKS you see all over this website to  ORDERRECEIVEACTIVATE, and also FUND your very own personalized WU/Netspend Debit Card  with the very NEXT $40.00 In CASH you have available as a 100% SPENDABLE WU/Netspend Debit Card DEPOSIT!

Then, once your $40.00 has been DEPOSITED into your Debit Card Account Balance you can IMMEDIATELY start spending BOTH your same $40.00 in CASH along with your EXTRA $20.00 BONUS DEPOSIT making your intended CASH purchases by using your WU/Netspend Debit Card to charge it right back OUT Of your Account Balance!

You can even do so,  right there at the very SAME Local Retail Store where your made your initial $40.00 CASH DEPOSIT if you wish!

In other words, you will absolutely get 100% of your $40.00 CASH DEPOSIT right BACK OFF of your NEW WU/Netspend Debit Card with NO QUESTIONS asked! 

Plus, you will get it all the SAME DAY you receive your debit card if you can find a Local Retail Store for you to get it all DONE when you receive your NEW WU/Netspend Debit Card in the mail!

This Refer-A-Friend Program is just a "ZERO ADVERTISING COST" way for WU/Netspend to get hopefully LIFELONG loyal debit card USING Customers who will be paying MONTHLY service fees just like any other Local BANK debit card Customers do!

However, unlike TRADITIONAL Local Banks who must WASTE money  on ADVERTISING in advance to find their FEW Life-Long fees paying Customers WU/Netspend's Refer-A-Friend Program doesn't require ANY MONEY to be paid OUT until  they already have at least TWO serious-minded and fully qualified $40.00 CASH DEPOSIT Customers ON THE BOOKS!

Its the exact SAME with our Professional Income Builders System!


We don't have to payout any amount as Sales Commissions until we already have at least another TWO MEASLEY $4.95 MONTHLY serious-minded MLM Income OPPORTUNITY SEEKERS who are already ON THE BOOKS!


Here Are A Few Final WU/Netspend Notes:

Your WU/Netspend Debit Card is 100% GUARANTEED to be mailed out, but only IF you register for  it using your REAL Name, your REAL Home Address, your REAL Email Address! 

BY LAW, no USA Bank, Stock Brokerage, or even Insurance Company can OPEN ANY kind of financial services account for ANYONE without them having already VERIFIED both their Physical address, and also without having already VERIFIED that they are a Legal US Resident!

Therefore, if you want your WU/Netspend Debit Card DELIVERED in the mail you can not use a FAKE Name, a FAKE Mailing Address, or even a FAKE Email Address and EXPECT for your WU/Netspend Debit Card to be DELIVERED by your Mailman within 8 business days as USUAL!

Just go right ahead and place your WU/Netspend Debit Card ORDER, and also, be prepared IN ADVANCE so within 8 BUSINESS DAYS, you can fund your personalized debit card with at least $40.00 IN CASH by going to any of these 44,000 Retail Location to make your DEPOSIT!

To qualify, you must also be at least 18 years of age!




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NetSpendWestern Union to Introduce Joint Prepaid Card 23, 2014
Leading provider of prepaid cards NetSpend, announced that it has joined forces with Western Union to develop a co-branded prepaid card, ...
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Western Union and NetSpend to Team up on Prepaid Card 29, 2014
NetSpend cards and Western Union processing services are available at many grocery stores, check cashing businesses and retail stores.

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NetSpendWestern Union to partner on co-branded prepaid card in ...

Columbus Ledger-Enquirer-Apr 26, 2014
"Combining the strengths of Western Union's global brand and expertise in moving money with NetSpend's deep prepaid knowledge and ...



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