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These Two 3rd Party Produced Videos Are For WU/Netspend Info Only!  They Are NOT Provided Here As If They Are Directly Associated With Our Professional Income Builders System! They Are Only Provided For Information About WU/Netspend Prepaid Debit Card Services!



All NEW Sales Agents Who Want To Receive MORE Than Just Their FIRST 10 Direct Frontline/Direct/Level-1 Sales Agent Referrals From Them Being On The Sponsor Rotator System, And Those Who Also Want To Start GETTING PAID, Must ORDER Their Very Own Personalized WU/Netspend Debit Card, After Clicking On Any Of Their Banner Links, As They Are Being Seen All Throughout This Website!

Simply ORDER, RECEIVEACTIVATE, And Also FUND Your Very Own Personalized WU/Netspend Debit Card With The NEXT $40.00 In CASH You Have Available, As A 100% Refundable DEPOSIT!

Then, You Can Instantly Start Spending Your Same $40.00 In CASH, By Making Your Intended CASH Purchases, By CHARGING With Your NEW WU/Netspend Debit Card!

In Other Words, You Will Absolutely Get 100% Of Your $40.00 CASH DEPOSIT, Right Back OFF Of Your NEW Debit Card, Plus More, Even If, You Can Get It All DONE, During The Very SAME DAY, That You Receive Your NEW WU/Netspend Debit Card In The Mail!

At The Very Same Time, When You Make Your MINIMUM $40.00 CASH Deposit, WU/Netspend  Will Give BOTH You, As Their NEW Customer, And Also The Admin Team, As Their NEW Customer Gathering Agent,  A $20.00 Refer-A-Friend BONUS DEPOSIT!  

WU/Netspend Has Their Customer Referral Program Setup So That, Each Of Individual's $20.00 Refer-A-Friend BONUS DEPOSITS Will Go Directly Into BOTH Of Their Debit Card Balances, INSTANTLY, When Their NEW Debit Card Customer's Initial $40.00 Deposit Has Cleared, And Its Already Showing UP In Their NEW Debit Card Account Balance!

By You DOING, Just Those FEW Extra Monthly INCOME Building Startup Steps, As WU/Netspend ONLY Customer Gathering Sales Agent, With All Of Their OWN Banner Referrals Links On The Website, The Admin Team Will Allow YOU, As A Brand NEW Sales Agent, To Qualify For  An Initial $20.00  Professional Income Builders Recruiting Services/UPGRADING Founders Package DISCOUNT, For The FIRST Month's UPGRADE Only!

By Paying Using ANY Means, Other Than Your OWN NEW WU/Netspend Debit Card, That OUTSIDE The System Payment Method Will Make Your Initial Recruiting Services/UPRADING Founders Package Purchase, Startout At The FULL $70.00 Standard Monthly Price!

Plus, As A SERIOUS Sales Agent, Unless You Can Make Your MONTHLY Recurring Recruiting Services/Upgrading Founders Package Payments, By Setting Up A Monthly Subscription, That Come Directly Out Of Your Very Own WU/Netspend Debit Card, You Will Also Have To Keep On Paying That FULL $70.00 Standard Recruiting Services/UPGRADING Founders Purchase Price Monthly, Instead Of Receiving The $50.00  DISCOUNTED Subscription Payment Price Monthly, By Having An Active WU/Netspend Customer $20.00 DISCOUNT Automatically Applied, FOREVER!


As A Brand NEW, Fully Registered Sales Agent, You Should Indeed Be SERIOUS About Following The System 100%, Right?

That Way, You Can Just Sit Back And Allow The System, To DO Nearly 100% Of YOUR Personal Frontline/Direct/Level-1 Downline Building Recruiting "WORK", For The System To Constantly Be Producing Your Very OWN Monthly INCOME Growth!

Its The Exact Same Downline Recruiting Startup "WORK", That YOU, And Every Other Sales Agent Who Will Fall Into Your 8-Level Downline, Must Successfully Get DONE, Before Their Persistent Recruiting Activity Will Have A Chance To START Building For Each One Them A GROWING Monthly INCOME!

Therefore, You Should Also SERIOUSLY Consider Taking A "Chance", By You Clicking On Any Of The WU/Netspend Banner Links, Especially Since Your CLICK, Will Take You Directly To Their Very OWN #1 TOP Level, MAJOR Online Financial Institution's Corporate Website!

Then, Your FIRST Goal, When You Are Finally There, Should Be To ORDER, RECEIVE, And ACTIVATE Your OWN Personalized WU/Netspend Debit Card, So You Can Then Make Your Initial $40.00 100% REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT, In CASH!

You Simply DOING Just Those FEW Extra Steps Will Help Lead To Your Downline And Monthly INCOME Building "WORK" Getting Successfully STARTED, In A MAJOR Way, Which Should Make DOING It All, A 100% NO-BRAINER Of A DECISION For YOU!

Not Only Will Just DOING That, Allow You To Receive Your $20.00 NEW Active Debit Card Customer DISCOUNT, Your NEW, Fully FUNDED WU/Netspend Debit Card Will, Also Provide You With The #1 Way, For Our Sales Agents To Start Receiving Their Monthly PAYOUTS, In The QUICKEST Time Possible!

When You Setup Your $50.00 Monthly Upgrade/Downline Building And Recruiting Services Founders Package Payment, By Means Of An AUTOMATICALLY PAID Monthly Subscription Coming From It, Just Just By You  Having That AUTOMATIC Method Of A Monthly Payment Coming From It, Will Also Allow You To SAVE $240.00 PER YEAR OFF Of Your FULL $840.00 Standard Purchase Payments, In ANNUALIZED Upgrading/Recruiting/Downline Building Service Fees!


Image result for how much will I be paid


First Of All, We HIGHLY Recommend That Every NEW Sales Agent, Simply Get Themselves Registered Directly Under An ASSIGNED Sponsor, One Whose 100% FREE Website Referral Link Is Already On Our Sponsor Rotator System!

Surely, You Can Already Easily SEE The GUARANTEED Downline Building SUCCESS There Is Already Happening, As Every NEW Sales Agent, Are Aready DOING Just That, As Their Very FIRST Step, Right?

Then, The System Ask That They Also, Position Themselves To Start Their "TEST DRIVE", By Them Allowing Enough Passing Time For Them To Receive Up To Their FIRST 10, Frontline/Direct/Level-1, Sponsor Rotator System Delivered Sales Agent Referrals, All 100% FREE!

By Simply Going Ahead And Registering 100% FREE, And Also Allowing A Bit Of Passing Time, For Them To Complete A Full "TEST DRIVE", They Will Eventually, Have Received A Few Monthly INCOME/Sales COMMISSION Reports!

Those Monthly INCOME/Sales COMMISSION Reports Will Be Coming From, Either Their Already Fully Qualified/UPGRADED Sponsor, Or From An Upline Sponsor, After Its Been BCC: Email Forwarded On To Them, From Their SERIOUS, Yet NON Upgraded Sponsor, One Who Will, Still Be At The 100% FREE, "TEST DRIVING" Step, Themselves!

In That Rock-Solid PROOF Of Income Building SUCCESS Way, ALL Brand NEW Sales Agents Will Have Already Been SEEING, Exactly What They Will Be Paying Their Hard-Earned Money TO GET, Long BEFORE They Make Up Their Minds, After Becoming Fully CONVINCED, It Is Indeed In Their Very BEST Future Financial Interest For Them To UPGRADE, By Them Simply Purchasing Their Very OWN Intial Recruiting/Downline Building Services Founders Package!

This Is HOW You Can Get On Up To A TOTAL Of 20 Frontline/Direct/Level-1 Sales Agent Referrals, Even While You Are STILL A 100% FREE "Test Driver"!


Whenever A Sales Agent Decides To FUND Their WU/Netspend Debit Card, Even If They ONLY Want To Earn Their EXTRA $20.00 Refer-A-Friend BONUS DEPOSIT, Doing Just That Extra Step, Will Also INSTANTLY Position Them To Receive An ADDITIONAL 10, Or Receive On Up To A TOTAL of 20 Frontline/Direct/Level-1 Downline Startup, And Their Monthly INCOME Startup Sales Agent Referrals!

By Each SERIOUS Sales Agent Doing What Is Required For Them To Receive All The Way Up To A TOTAL Of 20 Frontline/Direct/Level-1 Referrals, Essentially 100% FREE, As Well As, Each One Of Them Receiving A Few Monthly INCOME/Sales COMMISSION Reports That Will Be SHOWING Them EXACTLY How Much Their Very OWN Sponsor's/Upline's Very OWN Monthly INCOME Is Indeed GROWING, All Of That Should Give Every SERIOUS Sales Agent, More Than Enough Confidence To Know, For Sure, That Our PAID ADVERTISING, Our Sponsor Rotator System, Along With Our Professional Income Builder System Website, Are "WORKING" Successfully ALL Together, Just Like We Designed It! 

Therefore, After Having A TOTAL Of $60.00 Either In, Or Having Gone THROUGH Their WU/Netspend Debit Card Account Balance, Just Like We PROMISED, Each 100% FREE "Test Driving" Sales Agent Who Are Also SERIOUS, Should Be In A Financial Position, As Well As, Be In A Mental Position To Do Whatever Is Required To Get Themselves UPGRADED!

Over All Of Those PROOFS, Coming Over A Few Months Period Of Time, They ALL Should Have Been Building UP More Than Enough Confidence To Go Right Ahead, And Purchase Their Initial Recruiting/Downline Building Services/Upgrading Founders Package For Just Their FIRST $50.00, Upline Sales COMMISSIONABLE Payment!

That $50.00/$70.00 MINIMUM MONTHLY Recruiting/Downline Buiilding Services Founders Purchase Is Required, In Order For ALL Sales Agents To Get Their Upgraded Started, And Also For Them To Remain FULLY QUALIFIED,!

Making Their $50.00/$70.00 MINIMUM Monthly Payment, Will Allow Them To KEEP On RECEIVING An Unlimited Number Of 8-Level Downline Sales Agent Referrals, Which Will Also, KEEP Them On A Pathway That Can ONLY Lead Them To A GROWING MonthlyINCOME, YEAR After YEAR!


Be Sure To Also CHECKOUT Our 8 OTHER MLM Income Streams At The Products Link Above!

To Make Your Initial $50.00/$70.00 Founders Package Purchase, Just Login To The Sales Agents (Cardholders) Members Area, And Follow The Details That Are At The Upgrading Link!  

You Will Be Able To Use Your WU/Netspend Debit Card To Make Your Initial, MONTH To MONTH, One-Time, $50.00 FLASHPAY ID# Funds Transfer, Directly From Your WU/Netspend Debit Card Account Balance, Going Directly Into The Admin Team's Debit Card Account Balance, INSTANTLY!

Again, Upgrading By Any Other Payment Method, Other Than By Using A FUNDED WU/Netspend Debit Card, That Was Initially ORDERED Through A Banner Link On This Website, Requires That You Pay The FULL $70.00 Initial, As Well As, $70.00 Ongoing/Recurring Monthly Recruiting/Downline Building Services Founders Package Purchase Price!

By Each Sales Agent, Who Will Simply Be Falling Anywhere Within Your 8-Level Downline Sales Team, Getting All Of Those Startup Steps COMPLETED, Before The Last Day Of The CURRENT Month, Their Getting It Successfully DONE, Will Have Positioned Them To Get STARTED Their Very OWN Monthly INCOME/Sales COMMISSIONS Payouts, After The 3rd Monday Of The Very NEXT Month!

At The Very SAME Time, They Will Have Positioned YOU, As ONE Of Their 8 UPLINE Sponsors, For Another Monthly INCOME/Sales COMMISSIONS PAY RAISE, Coming From Their Never-Ending MONTHLY Purchases!

Then, YOU BOTH Will Get Your Available Monthly INCOME/Sales COMMISSION Account Balance Payout, After The 3rd Monday During Of Their Very Same, FIRST Fully Upgraded Month!

In Other Words, ALL NEW And Also, ALL RENEWING Upgrading/Services Purchases Coming From Within Your Entire 8-Level Downline Sales Team, That Are COMPLETELY Processed Into Each UPGRADING Sales Agent's Members Area System Account Balance By MIDNIGHT Of The Last DAY Of The CURRENT Month, Are Being PAID OUT, As A Part Of All 8 Of Their Upline Sponsor's Monthly INCOME/Sales COMMISSIONS, During The Very NEXT Month! 

In Other Words, CURRENTLY, There Is NO HOLD BACK Period Of Time, For You To WAIT For NEW Incoming Sales Commission REPLACEMENTS, When Brand NEW Sales Agents Are Financially, Still "IN THE HOLE"!

Or At That Critical Time, When They Will NOT Have Had Enough Downline Building TIME "IN THE HOLE" Without Them Having Much Or Even ANY Other LEVEL-1 Sales REVENUE, That Will Be Replacing Their NEW Direct Sales Agent Referral's Commission Payments, Or Even Their Sales Commission Payments Coming From Their SEASONED Downline Upgrades, Who Were, Already ON THE BOOKS!

Keep In Mind, The #1 Way We Are Currently Making Our Monthly INCOME/Sales Commissions PAYOUTS, Is By Means Of A DIRECT DEPOSIT/Account To Account Funds Transfer, That Is Going From OUR WU/Netspend Debit Card Account Balance, Right BACK Into Our Monthly Upgrading Sales Agents WU/Netspend Debit Card Account Balance, After The 3rd Monday Of Each Month!


Image result for sales commissions images

Here Is YOUR Exact Monthly INCOME/Sales Commissions, As A "Slice Of The PIE"!

All UPGRADED Sales Agents Will Earn A $2.00 MONTHLY Sales Commission For Every UPGRADING Sales Agent Who Fall Within Their ENTIRE 8-Level Downline Sales Team!


To Help You More Fully Understand And More Fully Appreciate Our $2.00 Per 8 Upline Sales Agent Sponsor's 100% "ALL COMMISSION" Based Compensation Plan, See IF, You Can Follow These 3 DIFFERENT Sales Agent Upgrading/Downline Sales Agent Upgrading Scenarios, And See HOW They Will Be Generating YOUR Monthly INCOME/Sales Commissions Payout Amounts, But FOR ILLUSTRATION PURPOSES ONLY!

Your ACTUAL Monthly INCOME/Sales Commissions Payout Experience May Be FAR LESS, Or It May Be FAR GREATER Within These 3 Different Illustrated Periods Of SUCCESSFUL Recruiting, And Also, Your CONSISTENTLY Upgrading Time:

Your Monthly INCOME/Sales Commissions PAYOUT Illustration #1:

Let's Suppose YOU Decided To REMAIN Upgraded Over The Next 90 Days, And Your ENTIRE Downline Sales Team's Recruiting AVERAGE, Was Just 1 Monthly UPGRADING Agent Per DAY!

Related image Upgrading For 90 FULL Days, To Find 1 Upgraded Downline Agent Per DAY, On The Average Will Give Your 8-Level Downline A TOTAL Of 90 Monthly Upgrading Agents, Right?

So, With $2.00 As Your Monthly UPLINE Sales Commissions Per UPGRADING Agent Times Those First 90 UPGRADING Downline Agents Will Be Paying YOU A $180.00 GROWING Monthly Income Within Just Those Same FIRST 90 Days, Of This Monthly Payout  Illustration #1!

Your Monthly INCOME/Sales Commissions PAYOUT Illustration #2:

Let's Further Suppose You Decided To REMAIN Upgraded Over The Next 9 FULL Months, And Your ENTIRE 8-Level Downline Sales Team's Recruiting AVERAGE, Was Just 1 Monthly UPGRADING Agent Per WEEK!

Related image Upgrading For 36 FULL WeeksTo Find 1 Upgraded Downline Agent Per WEEK, On The Average Will Give Your 8-Level Downline A TOTAL Of 36 Monthly Upgrading Agents, Right?

So, With The Same $2.00 As Your Monthly UPLINE Sales Commissions Per UPGRADING Agent Times Those First 36 UPGRADING Downline Agents Will Be Paying YOU A $72.00 GROWING Monthly Income Within Those Same FIRST 9 Months, Of This Monthly Payout Illustration #2!


Your Monthly INCOME/Sales Commissions PAYOUT Illustration #3:

Let's Further Suppose You Decided To REMAIN Upgraded Over The Next 9 FULL YEARS, And Your ENTIRE Level 8-Downline Sales Team's Recruiting AVERAGE, Was Just 1 Monthly UPGRADING Agent Per DAY!

Related image Upgrading For 3285 DAYSTo Find 1 Upgraded Downline Agent Per DAY On The Average, Will Give Your 8-Level Downline A TOTAL Of 3285 Upgrading Agents, Right?

So, With The Same $2.00 As Your Monthly UPLINE Sales Commissions Per UPGRADING Agent Times Those First 3285 UPGRADING Downline Agents, Will Be Paying YOU A $6,570.00 GROWING Monthly Income Within Those Same FIRST 9 YEARS!

Now, That You Can SEE How Its Only By You Consistently UPGRADING Monthly, And Allowing Enough TIME For Our PAID Advertsing To DO Your Downline Sales And Recruiting WORK, It Should Also Be Plain For Anyone To Understand HOW TO We Can Virtually GUARANTEE, Everyone Who Remain UPGRADED Will Indeed GROW Themselves Some Amount Of MONTHLY INCOME, Over That Same Period Of UPGRADED Time!

HOWEVER, As You Can Also Just As Plainly See From The Accumulating Income Figures In Those Two Illustrations, There Is Absolutely NO WAY Anyone Can Know For SURE, Just HOW MANY Agents Will Be Signing Up In Your 8-Level Downline, Or Know For Sure, How Many Of Those Who DO Sign Up, Will Later Decide To UPGRADE, And REMAIN Upgraded Over An Extended Period To Keep Generating GROWTH For Your Monthly Income!

Likewise, There Is Also Absolutely NO WAY Anyone Can Tell You WHEN You Will Be 100% In PROFIT, By Your Monthly Income Being More Than Enough To Cover Your MININUM $50.00 Or Your MAXIMUM $70.00 In MONTHLY Recruiting Services/Upgrading Cost!


About Ordering Your WU/Netspend Debit Card:

When Your Are Ready To Earn Your FIRST $20.00 In WU/Netspend Debit Card Delivered PROFITS, Just Go Right Ahead And ORDER Yourself A WU/Netspend Debit Card, By Just Clicking On Any Of Their Banner Links You See Anywhere On This Website!

Then, Just Complete Their SUPER SIMPLE Online Debit Card Order Form.  Be Sure To ONLY Use Your PHYSICAL, Or Street Address.  

WU/Netspend Will NOT Send Any Debit Card To A P.O. Box!  

However, They Will Accept 3rd Party Postal Forwarding Mail Boxes, Where You Will Have To VERIFY Your Identity, Before You Can Get Access To Receiving Mail At One!

Normally, After Placing An Order, Your Personalized WU/Netspend Debit Card Will Arrive By Regular Mail, Within 7 Business Days.  When You Finally Get It In Your Hands, Just Call Into Their Toll-FREE Customer Support Number, Or Go Online, To Get Your Debit Card Fully ACTIVATED By Verifying Your Identity, Along With Your Debit Card Numbers, The Very Same Day It Arrives!

With A Fully Activated Debit Card, You Can Either Use Your Paypal Account To Do A $40.00 MINIMUM Initial Account Balance Deposit By A Funds Transfer, Or You Can Walk Into Any Of Their THOUSANDS Of Listed Retail Locations, To Make Your $40.00 MINIMUM Initial Account Balance Deposit, In Person!

Remember, This Is A PREPAID Bank Visa Debit Card, Not A GOOD CREDIT REQUIRED (Bank's MONEY) Postpaid Visa Credit Card!  Therefore, Any American Citizen  Who Has A Verifiable Mailing Address Can Get One, So They Can Make Debit Card Account Balance DEPOSITS Of Their OWN Paycheck MONEY To Pay Bills, Make Store Purchases Over The Counter, As Well As Make Purchases Online!

When You SERIOUS Enough To ORDER, ACTIVATE, And Then FUND Your Visa Debit Card Account Balance With The First $40.00 In CASH, That Will Give WU/Netspend An EXCELLENT Indication, That You Are PLANNING On USING IT, To Make Future Deposits, And Purchase Transactions, At Least Once In A While!

Just Like Any Other Commercial Bank Whose Looking To MAKE A PROFIT, Your Banking Convenience/Transaction FEES, Are Exactly HOW WU/Netspend Will Always Make Much, More Than Their $40.00 "GOOD" Customer Acquisition Investment BACK!

So, As An Incentive To Get Their Debit Card Sales Agents To Go Out In The Marketplace And Find Their "GOOD" Customers, WU/Netspend Will Give BOTH Their Sales Agents, (The Admin Team) And Also YOU As A New Potential Lifelong FEES Paying Customer, A $20.00 Refer-A-Friend BONUS DEPOSIT, That Will Go Directly Into Both Debit Card Account Balances, INSTANTLY, When Your First $40.00 CASH Deposit Clears Your Account, After You Made It Either Online, Or At One Of Your Local Store's Cash Register!

That Way, You Will IMMEDIATELY Be Able To SPEND A Total Of $60.00, Even During Your Very FIRST Debit Card Transaction!

However, With Your $60.00 TOTAL Debit Card Account Balance, We Highly Recommend That You Login To The Members Area, To Use Your WU/Netspend FLASHPAY Id#, That You Can Get From Your Debit Card Account, To Follow Our UPGRADING Payment Details, To Order The First Month Of Our Professional Income Building/Recruiting Services!


Getting Yourself UPGRADED To Become A Fully Qualified Sales Agent, By Purchasing Your FIRST Month's Recruiting Services Will Only Be At The $50.00 Monthly DISCOUNTED Price!

Once You Receive An Email Notification, Saying You Have Been UPGRADED To A Fully Qualified Agent, For The Next 30 Days, Beginning On The 1st Of The FOLLOWING Month, You Will Be In A Position To START Receiving Your MONTHLY Income Payouts, That Will Go Out AFTER The 3rd Monday Of Each Month!

Again, Each Monthly PAYOUT Will Be Based 100% On The Total Number Of Your 8-Level DOWNLINE Agents There Was That Upgraded During The PREVIOUS Month @ $2.00 In Monthly Sales Commissions Paid To You For Each One!

Surely, You Can SEE How, As An UPGRADED, Fully Qualfied Sales Agent, We Are Giving You The Authority SELL Our Professional Income Building/Recruiting Services To Those Other Sales Agents/Customers, Who Will Also Be Making Their Own PURCHASES From With Your Entire 8-Level Downline, EVERY MONTH!!! 

That Way, The Only Amount Of Real "WORK" You Will Have To Actually Be DOING, Month After Month, Will Be Sending Out ONE Brief Email Notification, That Will Go Out To Your ENTIRE Level-1, Direct Downline Sales Team, With Just ONE CLICK Of Your Mouse To Send Them All, AT ONCE!

That ONE Email Will Let Your All Of Your Direct UPGRADED Level-1 Agents, Along With Your UPGRADING Agent Prospects All Know, Just How Much THEIR Leader Is Earning Through Our PAID Services, After Previously DOING The Exact Same 5-Start Up Steps, And Then Only Being Required To Send Out The Exact Same Once A Month Email, As The ONLY Real "WORK" They Have To Keep DOING!

YOU Doing Just That Little Bit Monthly And Also Remaining In UPGRADED Status, Is EXACTLY HOW The Admin Team, Along With Your Upline Sponsors, And Our Referrals Rotator System Will Be Able To 100% GUARANTEE, That You Will Eventually, Build UP For Yourself, An 8-Level Downline Sales Team That Will Be PAYING YOU, A Solidly GROWING, Future Monthly Income!

Just A Few More Notes About Our WU/Netspend Partnership:

As The ONLY Refer-A-Friend Sales Agent Of WU/Netspend In Our Professional Income Building System, Only WE Are Being Notified By WU/Netspend:

All Of Those Types Of Micro Management Notification Tools, Along With Their EXTRA REVENUE BONUSES, And Their Over 1 BILLION-Dollars In Corporate Valuation  Are WHY, We Choose WU/Netspend To Be Our Professional Income Building System's #1 MAIN Business Partner, As A Way For Us To Easily Keep Making Our MONTHLY Sales Commission PAYOUTS!

So, If YOU Are Indeed Serious, Its VERY IMPORTANT That YOU Contribute Your Intial Part To Our System's Long-Term SUCCESS, By You ORDERING, ACTIVATING, And FUNDING Your Very OWN WU/Netspend Debit Card, As Quickly As Possible!

Just DO IT, If For No Reason, Other Than For You To Get Yourself Their 100% FREE MONEY, $20.00 Refer-A-Friend BONUS DEPOSIT!

OR, To Get Yourself A $20.00 MONTHLY, Recruiting Services/Upgrading DISCOUNT!

OR, To Get Yourself Much QUICKER ACCESS To Your MONTHLY Sales Commissions, Even As Quick As AFTER The 3rd Monday Of The FOLLOWING Month!

Then, Go Right To The Registration Link Above To  Place Yourself On Your Sponsor, 's Level-1, And Immediately Login To Introduce Yourself, Right Away!

That Way, You Can Either Get Your OWN "Test Drive" Of Our System Started, Or Get Yourself UPGRADED To A Fully Qualified Agent Status, So You Can Get Your Monthly Income Started GROWING UP From Its ZERO Starting Point, In The SHORTEST Time Period Possible!


Story image for western union netspend from

NetSpendWestern Union to Introduce Joint Prepaid Card 23, 2014
Leading provider of prepaid cards NetSpend, announced that it has joined forces with Western Union to develop a co-branded prepaid card, ...
Story image for western union netspend from

Western Union and NetSpend to Team up on Prepaid Card 29, 2014
NetSpend cards and Western Union processing services are available at many grocery stores, check cashing businesses and retail stores.

NetSpendWestern Union to Introduce Co-Branded Prepaid Card in ...

Business Wire (press release)-Apr 21, 2014
AUSTIN, Texas--(BUSINESS WIRE)--NetSpend, a TSYS Company (NYSE: TSS) and leading provider of prepaid cards and related financial ...

NetSpendWestern Union to partner on co-branded prepaid card in ...

Columbus Ledger-Enquirer-Apr 26, 2014
"Combining the strengths of Western Union's global brand and expertise in moving money with NetSpend's deep prepaid knowledge and ...


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